The original samba school was co-founded by Vincent Lamberti and Mark Grunden in 1996, where rehearsals were held at V & A Lamberti Music (Fitzroy) until mid-2004. The samba school took on the name ‘Tumbarumba Samba School’ out of the need to recruit band members for the band Tumbarumba.

However, a new name was needed in order to differentiate it from the band Tumbarumba – so the name O’Ziriguidum (Escola de Samba) was born.

The word ‘Ziriguidum’ is an onomatopoeic, that expresses the sounds of percussion instruments used in samba music, and the word ‘Ozi’ was added for an Australian feel within the school.

Um, how do you say the name of the group?

It is pronounced ‘Ozi-riggy-dooom’.

Original logo.